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Where is KINETIQ manufactured?

While we acquire many of our active ingredients from some of the best sources around the world, KINETIQ is manufacture in the USA, New Jersey to be more specific. 

What is your return and refund policy?

We have a 30 return and refund policy. You can read more about our policy here. 

What is the shelf-life of KINETIQ RENEW?

The shelf-life of KINETIQ RENEW is one year. We highly recommend that KINETIQ RENEW is stored at room temperature or colder to avoid affecting the functional formula.  

Are KINETIQ products FDA Approved?

While the FDA does not directly approve any dietary supplements, they do have strict rules regulating them. We make sure to follow all FDA guidelines and maintain compliance with all mandates. This includes all FDA manufacturing guidelines as well as third party product testing to make sure that every bottle of KINETIQ RENEW is safe, tastes great and contains the right amount of all our active ingredients. Our goal is to always provide high quality and safe products, so you as a customer can get the best possible experience.

When should I take KINETIQ RENEW?

Any Time you are Stressed: KINETIQ RENEW can be using at any time that you feel stressed and are looking for a clear mind and stress-free renewed feeling.

Anytime you need to be Focused: The active ingredients in KINETIQ RENEW provides a calm laser focus to help you accomplish any assignment at work, school, or daily tasks. 

After a workout: The antioxidant and relaxed focus of the KINETIQ RENEW formula, makes it a perfect post workout additive, to calm those jitters and get work done. 

How does KINETIQ RENEW work?

During mental and physical stress (which we all experience daily), the concentration of certain neurotransmitters is reduced and there is a buildup of free radicals. This can lead to fatigue, anxiousness and over time, long term issues. KINETIQ RENEW was designed to provide the raw material to make additional neurotransmitters, provide powerful antioxidants to prevent damage from free radicals, boost your mood and keep you relaxed by our unique blend of adaptogens! 

How many servings of KINETIQ RENEW can I have per day?

Always assess your tolerance of KINETIQ RENEW with 1 serving., though it is not recommended that you exceed 4 servings of KINETIQ RENEW in 24 hours. 

Does KINETIQ RENEW contain caffeine?

No, KINETIQ Renew does not contain any caffeine, caffeine derivatives or ingredients that are categorized as stimulants. With that said, it will still give you a refreshed, focus feeling without any rush or crash, which is accomplished through our kickass blend of adaptogens. 

How soon will I see the effects of Glow?

While you may not feel / see the effects of Glow immediately like our nootropic products, you should start to experience the benefits within two weeks of taking Glow. These benefits will continue to improve over time with the more you use Glow. 

The clinically studies done on the active ingredients inside observed immediate skin benefits with those in the study who have experienced UV exposure as well improved antioxidant capacity in the skin as little as two weeks after consumption with even high levels observed after two months of continued consumption. You can learn more about it on our Glow: Ingredients, Studies & Benefits page. 

How quick will I feel the effects of KINETIQ Renew?

While the effects can be felt by some quickly (within 20 min) it may take up to 2 hours for other to feel the full effects. Some people may see the best results after their 2 or third day of using Renew, as the benefits of the ingredients become enhanced over periodic use.  

Can I drink a KINETIQ RENEW every day?

Yes, and we recommend it. Unlike caffeine which you build up a tolerance and need more and more to feel the same effect, the benefits of KINETIQ Renew are compounded if consumed multiple days in a row. This means, the more often you drink it, the more you will get out of it.

Will KINETIQ RENEW make me tired?

No, KINETIQ RENEW will not make you tired and is non-drowsy, though some of the ingredients in RENEW have been observed to improve the quality of your sleep, so feel free to consume it close to the time when you go to bed. 

How to use / When should I take Glow?

Take 2 capsules daily with food. 

While there is not a specific time that you should take Glow we recommend taking it during your morning routine or even with lunch to help fight the free radicals that build up during the day (stress, sun or pollution exposure, etc.). You can learn more about the benefits of Glow on the Glow: Ingredients studies & benefits page. 

Where do you ship to, how long until my order arrives and duty fees?

Where do you ship? Right now we only ship to the US, and Canada*, but stay tuned as we continue to expand! If you’d like to be notified when we’ll ship to your country, email us at hello@kinetiqlife.com.

How long will it take until my order arrives? Once you place your order, it’ll process within 2 business day. From there we’ll ship it out and send you your tracking number once it’s out the door. Give your tracking number 24 hours to update once you receive it, and then wait patiently for your game changing product to arrive to your doorstep! Most US. orders are received within 3-5 business days, international shipment times may vary. 

Customs / Duty Fees* For international customers, the selling price includes amounts for customs duties and Goods and Services Tax (GST). Any additional cost will be incurred by us, the shipper. If for any reason you are asked to pay additional fees, please contact us at hello@kinetiqlife.com and we will address the issue as soon as possible. 

Can I edit or change my order once it has been placed?

Hurry! There’s only a short window of time for us to edit or cancel your order. E-mail hello@kinetiqlife.com and we’ll do our best to make the changes for you.

WTF! My package is missing!

If your package has been marked as delivered but you don’t see it on your doorstep, e-mail us at hello@kinetiqlife.com  and we’ll help track it down!

How does the subscription work? / How can I edit it?

Our subscription service is set up so that the credit card that you used for your first order will be charged on the basis you selected (every 2 weeks, 4 weeks etc.) for the product you selected.  Your purchase will include a discount of 15% on your first order and all orders after. If you no longer wanted to receive the product or would like to change your subscription, you can do so at any time. You can edit, pause, or cancel your subscription by creating and logging into your KINETIQ LIFE account, or you can reach out us at hello@kinetiqlife.com and we are more than happy to provide you with a link or directly adjust it. 

How do I track my package?

You will receive a shipping confirmation with your tracking number as soon as your order ships out. Give that tracking number 24 hours to update once you receive it, and then you can follow your order on it’s voyage to you.

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