Renew: Mood & Mental Clarity Formula (Veg. Gel Capsule)

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  • Promotes a Positive Mood*
  • Reduces Mild Anxiety *
  • Improve Mental Clarity & Focus*
  • Provide Antioxidants & Neuroprotection*

    Renew contains a unique proprietary blend of ancient botanicals, back by science, to improve mood, reduce stress and clear your mind so you can get on with your day instead of avoiding it! 

    Our new enhanced formula comes in Vegetarian Gel Capsules with 30 servings in each bottle!! Now you can easily travel with your Renew and enjoy more than one serving. 

    Don’t let the stresses of life get you down when there is a natural solution.

    Renew yourself!

    Benefits of Science Backed Ingredients


    Lift your mood with affron, a unique natural patented saffron extract that is handpicked in Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). Research have shown affrons effectiveness in improving mood, reducing anxiety, and improving sleep quality. Who wouldn’t want that?

    Life can be tough, and sometimes we need some help to get through the day. Renew contains Zembrin®, an extract from a unique South African plant S.tortuosum, that has been used by indigenous South Africans for over 300 years to fight stress, depression and pain relief.

    Renew is packed with Cognigrape®, a Sicilian Grape extract that is rich in antioxidant (polyphenolic) compounds, Cognigrape® is considered a natural aid in preventing cognitive decline, and research has shown that it is effective in improving cognitive function (attention and memory) and mood.

    Take a closer look and learn a little more about all the ingredients in KINETIQ Renew.


    Simply take Renew in the morning before breakfast, in the mid-afternoon, or anytime you need to calm down, refocus and reset. Renew does not need to be taken with food – now that’s convenient! 

    The good news is that the full effects of Renew can be felt in as short as 20 minutes, or up to a maximum of 2 hours. If you are looking to compound the benefits of Renew, add it to your daily routine.

    What are you waiting for? Get your KINETIQ Renew on!

    Directions: Take one serving (2 capsules) daily before a meal, do not exceed 2 servings (4 capsules) in a day.

     WARNING: Consult your physician before using Renew if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking anti-depressant or anxiety medication. 

    *These Statements Have not Been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Improve Mood
    Reduce Anxiety
    Improve Mental Clarity
    Antioxidant Rich
    No Caffiene

    Backed by Science

    We diligently research all active ingredients to make sure that each formula contains carefully selected clinically backed ingredients that work synergistically with each other for the desired benefits. We also consider ingredient bioavailability, solubility, and taste throughout the development process.

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    A Unique Blend of Ingredients

    Cognigrape® Rich in antioxidant (polyphenolic) compounds, Cognigrape® has been observed to improve cognitive function (attention and memory) and mood.
    Affron® A patented saffron extract that has been shown to improve mood, reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality
    Zembrin® A unique selection of the South African plant S.tortuosum that has shown to reduce stress and improve attention, mood, memory, and sleep quality.
    L-Tyrosine An amino acid which is involved in the formation of key biological molecules that play an important role in maintaining focus, especially under stress.
    Vitamin B5 Vitamin B5 plays a pivotal role in brain health, mental performance, mood, and energy.

    Proven Results

    41% Reduction in Depression observed after use affron® over 8 weeks
    25% Reduction in Anxiety observed after use of Cognigrape® over 12 weeks
    65% Increase In Focus observed after use of Zembrin® over 3 weeks
    25% Improvement In Sleep Quality observed after use of affron® over 4 weeks


    Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
    Based on 13 reviews
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    100%would recommend this product
    13 reviews
    • KC
      Kelly C.
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      2 months ago
      Better Routine

      Transformed my daily routine with improved mental clarity and positivity, thanks to this botanical health booster

    • JT
      Justin T.
      I recommend this product
      Rated 4 out of 5 stars
      3 months ago
      Noticeable Boost

      Experienced a noticeable boost in concentration and a brighter mood with this plant-powered supplement

    • TJ
      Tim J.
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      3 months ago
      Game Changer!

      This botanical supplement is a game-changer for enhancing focus and elevating mood naturally

    • JC
      Jill C.
      I recommend this product
      Rated 4 out of 5 stars
      10 months ago
      Working for Me

      Intersting mix of ingredients that seem to be working for me

    • LK
      Lindsey K.
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      11 months ago
      Brings Me Back to Center

      Work Stress has been OVERWHELMING lately and Renew has really helped bring me back to center to focus and enjoy my day.

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    We Love Your Questions!

    When should I take KINETIQ RENEW?

    Any Time you are Stressed: KINETIQ RENEW can be using at any time that you feel stressed and are looking for a clear mind and stress-free renewed feeling.

    Anytime you need to be Focused: The active ingredients in KINETIQ RENEW provides a calm laser focus to help you accomplish any assignment at work, school, or daily tasks. 

    After a workout: The antioxidant and relaxed focus of the KINETIQ RENEW formula, makes it a perfect post workout additive, to calm those jitters and get work done.

    How quick will I feel the effects of KINETIQ RENEW?

    While the effects can be felt by some quickly (within 20 min) it may take up to 2 hours for other to feel the full effects. Some people may see the best results after their 2 or third day of using Renew, as the benefits of the ingredients become enhanced over periodic use. 

    How does KINETIQ RENEW work?

    During mental and physical stress (which we all experience daily), the concentration of certain neurotransmitters is reduced and there is a buildup of free radicals. This can lead to fatigue, anxiousness and over time, long term issues. KINETIQ RENEW was designed to provide the raw material to make additional neurotransmitters, provide powerful antioxidants to prevent damage from free radicals, boost your mood and keep you relaxed by our unique blend of adaptogens! 

    Can I take a KINETIQ RENEW every day?

    Yes, and we recommend it. Unlike caffeine which you build up a tolerance and need more and more to feel the same effect, the benefits of KINETIQ Renew are compounded if consumed multiple days in a row. This means, the more often you drink it, the more you will get out of it.

    How many serving of KINETIQ RENEW can I have per day?

    Always assess your tolerance of KINETIQ RENEW with 1 serving., though it is not recommended that you exceed4servings of KINETIQ RENEW in 24 hours. 

    Will KINETIQ RENEW make me tired?

    No, KINETIQ RENEW will not make you tired and is non-drowsy, though some of the ingredients in RENEW have been observed to improve the quality of your sleep, so feel free to consume it close to the time when you go to bed. 

    Does KINETIQ RENEW contain caffeine?

    No, KINETIQ Renew does not contain any caffeine, caffeine derivatives or ingredients that are categorized as stimulants. With that said, it will still give you a refreshed, focus feeling without any rush or crash, which is accomplished through our kickass blend of adaptogens. 

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