Kinetic Energy: Energy which a body possesses by virtue of being in motion.

KINETIQ’s parent company, ALPHA WOLF LLC. was formed in 2015 under the idea of creating a better-for-you science-backed cognitive beverage for students, athletes, and busy adults. At the time the founder, with his background in biochemistry, was working two jobs and studying for the MCAT. Trying to balance his workload with a meaningful personal and social life became a challenge. He started by making his own sports supplements, so he could have control over his own health and fitness throughout the day. His busy lifestyle and his background in science led him to research and develop what would become his first product, Alpha Wolf. As he worked on the perfect blend, he introduced it to his supportive friends and family. Expanding on his talents he created multiple formulations to meet his lifestyle as well as to help those closest to him improve their daily lives. He soon realized that his passion for creating and sharing his formulations far surpassed his medical profession aspirations.

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Since then, the company has evolved and expanded into the brand KINETIQ, (pronounced [ki-ne-tik], in effect merging kinetic energy with IQ). Along with a new name the company has expand its products and vision to encompass the idea that healthy living is the best form of preventative medicine. Most people do not know about some of the amazing high-quality natural ingredients available that can truly help them get the most out of their lives. Not only does KINETIQ source these ingredients for their products, but they also make sure that there is an efficacious dose of each ingredient (No “fairy dusting”). Each product has a unique blend of ingredients meant to complement each other and maximize absorption by your body.

KINETIQ products look to work with the body’s natural processes by introducing high-quality ingredients which allow the body to maintain balance and function at peak performance. In today’s world, people want to see immediate results, or they may feel like the product is not working. This is why each product is designed with the help of our chief scientific officer, Dr. Dennis Bernardini to more effectively regulate the body’s biochemistry, both in the short term as well as overtime. KINETIQ vows to provide the best quality products to help you get though any of today’s challenges as well as whatever lies ahead.